Posted by: indra | June 14, 2009

June 13th 2009

June 13th 2009

My heart has broken. Why the person that I love did said break to me. I love her.. but why did she do that. Its  okay, if she want to gets the best because she will get on third gird senior high school. but still many other ways,, I can give her attention,, I also can give a guaranty  nothing happened with her, but I can’t guaranty nothing problem because life is filled with problem, nobody in this world that doesn’t has a problem, I think we are  looser if we can’t finish the problem and we are the winner if we can finish the problem. I don’t know when this  problem finish, awareness I have been trying to save my commitment for more than 1 year. That isn’t  the easy thing. I try to don’t search another girl. I confuse which one my attitude that I must change is. Because  almost every Saturday night I always go to her house for make my heart cool, because I miss her.. I’ll try  to receive this., I hope the god give me the best way..

I confuse,, do we have to search another girl or not. She said, we break keep and touch for 1 year.


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