Posted by: indra | May 20, 2009

Culture is a Characteristic of Indonesia

Culture is a Characteristic of Indonesia

Written by Indra Sudarsono

Indonesia is the country that has many islands. The island’s is ranged from Aceh to Papua. Every island have people and from people, natural culture was made by that people and become a characteristic of that area. The culture also develops in that area and become tradition from old generation to young generation.

Culture is a identity in that area and become expression media from that people in that area. Every area has different expression media to show the identity. For example, wedding culture between Java people and Medan people is different.

Music also becomes characteristic culture of Indonesia. Because, almost every area has different musical instrument. Usually musical instrument only is used when tradition ceremony and seldom is used at the concert.

The government has done many ways for young generation to love with Indonesia culture. There is no awareness from young generation to love Indonesia culture but the young generation more love western culture than Indonesia culture. But actually in Bali, western tourist very appreciates with Indonesia culture.

The government must to have more creative ways than now to make young generation proud of Indonesia culture. Still many ways that government can to try to introduce Indonesia culture to young generation.



  1. beautifuly indonesia…the equatorial emerald

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