Posted by: indra | May 20, 2009

After General Election Has Done

After General Election Has Done

Written by Indra Sudarsono

General election for choose legislative person has done. Many legislative candidates that can’t receive the fact and become desperate. Many mad houses have had been opened for legislative candidate that desperate.

The legislative candidate will be desperate because they have spent much money for campaign and nothing results for them. In fact, there are legislative candidates died because their voice is low. The legislative candidates whose died because heart attack.

That is the risk becomes legislative candidate. They must introduce they self to public with anything. They can to meet people 1 by 1 to introduce they self or other way.

Many political parties also can’t to receive the fact. They can’t to receive their shellacking. They have accused KPU that has cheated. I think KPU didn’t cheat, KPU has done the best.

Advisable, all of participant must to receive shellacking. Shellacking is a risk that must to will be got by all participants. For the winner, you must get that churlishly and do the best for the people don’t do the best for private importance.


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