Posted by: indra | March 25, 2009



Written by Indra Sudarsono

Many People in Jakarta. It means many people unemployed in Jakarta then he would be poor. Many bums at every traffic lamps. Then in Jakarta many criminals that have done.

There were not enough job opportunity is the cause of poverty in Jakarta. It means that there are few job opportunity in Jakarta. Everyday, there are many criminals in Jakarta. Jakarta become isn’t safe city because many people don’t have job and they will take the escape way that become the robber.

Many ways that have done by the government. The ways that have done by the government was for people in Jakarta. The ways is make many new factories and offices to open new job opportunity. But that ways isn’t good enough because more many people in Jakarta than that job opportunity.

The government have solution. The solution is to minimize the poverty not to disappear the poverty. Actually that is make many problem because the people skill still low. With skill we can build the job alone or be entrepreneur.

So the people don’t mainstay the government. The people have to be creative. The people have to develop their skill to get the money.

In global crisis now, the people must be economical. It means we don’t spend much money. Buy the thing that we feel need. And don’t be wasteful people.


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