Posted by: indra | March 25, 2009

Political Party Campaign

Political Party Campaign

Written by Indra Sudarsono

Political party said peace in 2009 election campaign. It means there is no anarchism during campaign time. All of political party have signed for 2009 peace campaign in Indonesia. In 2004 election peace campaign has done and peace campaign was success.

Modern campaign have been style in 2009 election. Style campaign in 2009 election don’t make traditional campaign. Many political advertisement campaign in television and in radio now. Political expert said that campaign with to mobilize the people is the traditional campaign and that was not effective, show advertisement in television was more effective than mobilize the people.

Mobilize the people only make traffic jam and many foul. Many people was campaign didn’t obey the traffic regulation. Many people didn’t use helm when they rode the motorcycle in campaign. And then many stalwart has been the victim in the road result from accident campaign in the road without use helm.

In modern campaign is less risk than traditional campaign. Modern campaign more safety than traditional campaign because in modern campaign, political party don’t have to mobilize the people on the road, only show the advertisement in television.

Show advertisement in television need much money for the fund. Several political party can’t show the advertisement in television because they don’t have much money for campaign. They take the escape that mobilize the people in the road.


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