Posted by: indra | March 25, 2009

Flood in Jakarta

Flood in Jakarta

Written by Indra Sudarsono

Flood in Jakarta have been problem every year. Every year Jakarta is flood. The bad Irrigation system become the cause flood in Jakarta. In irrigation many rubbish and made water current couldn’t to ran and then the water in irrigation, river, boil over and flooding the roads.

Many ways that government did. The government forbid the people to throw out the rubbish into the river or in the irrigation. But the people didn’t hear that attention and the people still threw out the rubbish into the river or the irrigation.

The people wasn’t discipline. The people didn’t want to get hard way, the people only want and can to get an easy way. Although the government have made a law about throw out the rubbish, but the people still obeyed that law. The people took an easy way threw rubbish into irrigation or the river.

Whereas the government have went the pace for the rubbish. Billion rupiahs have flow out from estimate to the rubbish problem in Jakarta. But nothing awareness from the people to discipline in the life.


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